Alaris, Solutions for Unmanned Systems

Alaris is pioneering UAS Fleet Management with the introduction of the world’s first system that provides component-level metrics for unmanned systems. AlarisPro arms UAV operators, maintainers, and manufacturers with the data needed to obtain and maintain the peak performance of their systems and subsystems.


UAS Startup

Alaris, LLC is proud to offer our UAS Startup Program for public safety organizations. We take the guesswork out of the requirements such as pilot certification, aircraft registration, operational procedures, data handling/privacy procedures, choosing the right systems, and much more.



Let ALARIS help with your FAA Part 107 waiver, 333 Exemption or COA application. We offer various levels of support options in completing FAA Applications. Serving as your agent, ALARIS removes uncertainty and accelerates the process.


Operations and
Maintenance Manuals

Our team at ALARIS develops manuals from large manned aircraft to small multi-rotor UAS. With extensive experience creating and publishing professional manuals, we enhance your products and support FAA applications.



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