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Q: Do I need an attorney to file a 107 waiver or 333 exemption with the FAA?

A: No. While many waivers and exemptions are being filed by legal firms, the application is essentially a safety case. Our experts have extensive experience with manned and unmanned safety cases.


Q: I have a small startup company focused on unmanned aircraft systems. How can ALARIS help?

A: We’re excited to see so many companies entering this exciting industry, and would enjoy the opportunity to share what we’ve learned to help your company grow. Our tailored approach works for both large and small businesses.


Q: My company has been focused in the manned aircraft industry for years. Can ALARIS help us leverage this experience in the unmanned industry?

A: Absolutely! That’s how we entered this market. Most of our subject matter experts started their careers as military and civilian pilots then transitioned into unmanned systems. Each of our team members have been in the unmanned industry for an average of 8 years. Call us to get started.


Q: Do I need an operations and maintenance manual to apply for a 333 exemption with the FAA?

A: Yes. Operations and maintenance manuals are a key way to demonstrate consistent repeatable operations as part of a comprehensive safety case. ALARIS has created manuals for both small and large systems and specializes in providing a customized approach for each system. Manuals can also serve as a great marketing tool to show your customers that you’re providing a mature turnkey operation.

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