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“Alaris was instrumental in establishing a compliant and professional UAS program for my department. I wouldn’t consider starting a UAS program without Alaris.”

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UAS Startup Program for Public Safety Organizations

Take the guesswork out of complying with requirements including: pilot certification, aircraft registration, operational procedures, data handling & privacy procedures, choosing systems best suited to your needs. Our UAS Startup Program goes beyond hands-on training by helping you establish a professional, compliant, and sustainable UAS program that will withstand outside scrutiny.


Alaris Video Command Center (VCC)

The Alaris VCC provides a cost-effective means to transmit critical video from the field to leadership and stakeholders situated in mobile command centers, police HQ, emergency operations centers, etc.


Airspace Integration, FAA Part 107 Support, 333 Exemptions, and COA Applications

ALARIS was built on our experience in airspace integration and our ability to safely integrate UAS in an ever-changing regulatory environment. We have extensive experience in all facets of UAS Airspace Integration to include FAA Part 107 Training and Compliance, 107 waiver applications, 333 Exemptions, COA applications; airspace analysis for NAS, Oceanic, and foreign airspace; airworthiness reviews; Detect and Avoid (DAA); and compliant UAS operations.

FAA Part 107 provides an incredible opportunity to UAS organizations. Our highly qualified team specializes in helping our customers establish a fully compliant and professional UAS program. This includes pilot certification, UAS registration, establishing and documenting procedures, and much more.  More than just hands-on UAS training, ALARIS is uniquely qualified to help you establish a professional and compliant program that can withstand the test of time and outside scrutiny.  We offer various levels of support based on the customer’s needs – all at an affordable rate. Contact us for details.

Requirements and CONOPS Development

Many companies in the rapidly growing UAS industry are attempting to design and integrate systems without having done an analysis of requirements and concept of operations (CONOPS). This approach requires end-users to adjust their use and expectations to fit the design limitations. Serious buyers of UAS products and services are looking for customized systems to meet their specific needs. Our extensive background in requirements derivation, system design and acquisition provides our customers an affordable path to delivering products with relevant capabilities that will meet and exceed customer expectations.

Airworthiness and Safety Cases Analysis

Airworthiness is where the professionals break away from the hobbyists. ALARIS has created airworthiness processes for customers ranging from DoD to major universities. Designing and manufacturing to these yet-to-be-formalized commercial standards will be a distinguisher when UAS regulations are released. Until UAS airworthiness standards are formalized, companies are left to determine these standards for themselves. Contact ALARIS to learn how we can help you evaluate the airworthiness of the system you plan to operate.

Operations and Maintenance Manuals

Manuals are an often overlooked area in the manufacturing of unmanned systems. Professional manuals are important not only in the safe and efficient operation of a system but also in marketing and sales, and they ultimately impact customer satisfaction with the product. Well-developed manuals are also a critical component of an airworthiness packet or a 333 application with the FAA. ALARIS has extensive experience in creating and publishing professional manuals that enhance a customer's product.

Business Case Analysis and Proposal Support

ALARIS has a proven record of creating successful business cases and winning proposals for unmanned systems. Our mix of engineers, operators, PMPs, and business professionals assist in all areas of proposals including SWOT and market trend analysis, proposal writing and capture management, as well as Business Development Process development and support.


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